How to Stop Smoking Marijuana Today!

If how to stop smoking marijuana is a question you have been asking yourself for a while but have never found the answer then you may just be psychologically addicted to smoking pot. This is different to some other drug addictions which come with physical dependency and very painful withdrawal symptoms. cbd köln

Those addicted to weed often continue doing so because of a small four letter word that has crippled many people’s lives: FEAR!

This can come in many shapes and sizes but they are all designed by your subconscious to keep you hooked on a habit that is inhibiting you but you still do it because it is an easy crutch, an escape from reality and even when you know you need to quit smoking pot and know all of these things that first step is so hard to take when fear makes you go cold and makes your stomach roil and tie itself into knots.

Some people fear that they might fail when they give up pot, some fear they might lose social connections that might have been formed over a bong but one of the biggest things to hold back addicts is a fear of success.

Why would anyone fear success!

Well that is an interesting question and the simplest answer is that a fear of success is actually a fear of CHANGE and a fear of the UNKNOWN. People fear treading into places they have not been, what will it be like? How will I live my life without pot? How will I relax? Does this mean I have to be more responsible? If you travel down that path you can see how the mind and your addiction can twist your thoughts to say no… you don’t want this even when deep down you know you must.

So what is the answer to overcoming these fears? Again a complex question with a million answers but there is one tip on how to stop smoking marijuana is to take a single step. Take a single action no matter how scary it is and get started, one single step will not bring the world crashing down. Make it an easy one, make it a simple one just do SOMETHING and do it TODAY!

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