How to Show Your Love For Ocean Creatures With Designer Jewelry

Are you a sea creature lover? Many people love dolphins. This playful mammal has been a fascination to many people for hundreds of years. Did you know there are approximately 40 species of dolphins? They can also range from 4 ft to 30 ft long. The size of the dolphin isn’t as fascinating as their intelligence. They are among the most intelligent animals in existence. It is their playfulness that people love. People love to swim with dolphins, and they are even used to help special needs individuals. These are special mammals indeed.

Why not show your love for these sea creatures in the jewelry you wear. Collecting themed jewelry is very popular among animal lovers. Whether it be sterling silver, gold, or bronze. These metals can be molded to make any shape or design you like. Copper is popular and is also said to have healing properties. chameleon for sale

Some jewelry lovers must have all their jewelry coordinate – such as matching dolphin earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring. You can go all out, but what can work great is a dolphin pendant. This can say it all.

Besides the dolphin, there is other great sea creature jewelry. I have seen, halibut, salmon, sea turtles, shells and whales.

Turtles are among the most collectible of all creatures. People collect turtle figurines, jewelry boxes and many styles of turtle jewelry, to show their love for these reptiles. There are even turtle good luck charms. Did you know the first turtles appeared over 200 million years ago?

Did I mention the sea horse? There are many great stores in which you can find sea creature jewelry. Though some can be pricey, Badali Jewelry, zulu moon, and Jane Iris designs are great places to purchase sea creature jewelry.

There are different styles of sea creature jewelry you can purchase. There are contemporary, or a classical style.

A great place to see some great contemporary jewelry of all shapes, and animals is the Agalil web site. These are hand sculpted wearable art made of high quality pewter, then plated in brass with an antique finish. They specialize in seahorses, turtles and sharks.

There are so many ways to express your style when you wear your sea jewelry. If you purchase your jewelry as a pendant, you can mix and match the chains to make it dressy or casual. The most important thing to remember is to have fun, and show off your love for sea creatures. Everyone will want to know where you got your jewelry. Whether you tell them or not, it is up to you!

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