Four Types of Self Defense On A Keychain

Anything you use for self defense is only as effective as your access to it. This is the main reason why keychain self defense products are among the best sellers. acrylic charms

There are four main types of keychain self defense. Below are the features and drawbacks of each type:

  1. Pepper Spray: defense sprays are the most popular form of keychain self defense. Most come in half ounce sizes which give you approximately 6 to 8 one second bursts. This would be enough to use against multiple attackers. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent which swells the mucous membranes. This causes the eyes to shut involuntarily and the throat to constrict for all but life sustaining breath. It also causes a burning sensation on the skin. Panic commonly sets in. The effects take about 2-5 seconds to set in and can last up to 45 minutes, with residual effects lasting several hours. A properly working keychain sized pepper spray will spray 6 to 8 feet, which helps maintain a safe distance between you and your attacker.

    The biggest drawback pepper spray has is that you can get contaminated as well as your target, especially if you are downwind.
  2. Stun Gun: the newest technology in stun guns includes a 5 million volt unit which is about the size of a pepper spray. It has a built in key ring and wall charger. Stun guns work by disrupting the electrical system in the body, potentially disabling your attacker with a minimal 2 second contact.

    One of the biggest benefits of stun guns is the sound it makes when you dry fire it. The sound and sight of electricity arcing between the prongs has been proven to be a deterrent.

    The main drawback of stun guns is that in order to disable your attacker, you have to be close enough to make physical contact with them.
  3. Striking Tools: this category includes kubotans and any item which is used in a striking manner such as a Heart Attack. Some of these are based on the self defense advise to put your keys between your knuckles. Kubotans are also used for pressure point compliance and as a flailing tool.

    Since they are not categorized as weapons, striking tools can often be carried where no other type of self defense product such as pepper spray or stun guns are allowed, making them an effective tool to have.

    While they can buy you a few seconds of time, the primary drawback is that they normally do not disable your attacker.
  4. Personal Alarm / Safety Whistles: Whistles have been used for self defense for decades. There are now electronic security whistles available which emit a loud 120 db sound. The advantage to carrying an electronic whistle versus a typical whistle is that in a crisis situation, your breathing normally gets rapid and shallow, making the actual ‘blowing’ of a whistle a difficult task. With an electronic safety whistle, you can just press a button.

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