Breaking News – Google Algorithm Changes Ahead

Over the summer, Google introduced the first of many subtle changes to its algorithm.  With these minor tweaks came a warning: more changes are yet to come. Below is a brief rundown of the latest changes to the algorithm, as well as some educated speculation on the adaptations to come.

Back to Basics with Backlinks

Google has seemingly reverted to its previous position on backlinks and placed a higher value on quantity over quality. Until recently, websites were rewarded for quality backlinks with relevancy. Now it appears that Google is promoting sites with large numbers of backlinks rather than concerning itself with the quality of those links. Seeing as this loophole will surely be exploited by many spam sites, leading to a decreased quality of results, more changes are sure to come. TOP NEWS UPDATES

Older Sites Have The Competitive Edge

The recent changes to Google’s algorithm place unprecedented emphasis on the age of a site. Google has always used its “sandbox” to ensure that sites aren’t in existence solely for rankings, but the new algorithm emphasizes age even more. The result of this shift is that older, less relevant sites are ranking highly while newer sites wither away with low page rank. It seems likely that this new weighting system is due for yet another shift in the near future.

PageRank May Be On Its Way Out The Door

Google appears to be depending less on the value of PageRank when determining the importance of a particular backlink.  In fact, signs indicate that PageRank may be replaced by a new system known as TrustRank in the future. The TrustRank system would indicate Google’s opinion of the veracity of a particular website, and have less of an impact on actual rankings than PR.

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